We provide solutions for Organizational Alignment, through the Alignment Advisory Program (AAP),
the first of it's kind in the region.

Dialogue Consulting is the first provider of Whole System Transformation and AAP in Saudi Arabia.

Organizational Alignment & Whole System Transformation

We offer you a unique and specialized solution for the successful implementation of plans, strategies and vision for transformative projects in the public and private sectors in order to reach optimum performance and full potential.

What differentiates our solutions than that of what is currently in use and is applied at project management offices, operational excellence, and performance management and measurement, and all other consulting offices that depend on tools and measurements for the success of these projects, is that our solutions are designed to close the gap between management systems and successful implementation. The difference we provide is a method that is based on the progressive understanding of human resources and the science of alignment, which lies in highlighting the basic element that must be accompanied to all the plans, strategies and projects, and achieves true harmonization. We Dialogue Consulting, create alignment between leaders, middle management and frontline leadership towards organizational vision, strategy, and objectives. Our approach broadens the perspectives of the organization, creating a whole system transformation, leading to greater synergy and a shared understanding that results in an aligned organizational environment, creating a sense of ownership and responsibility, giving full potential, increasing productivity, reducing costs and creating innovative ideas for the success of any comprehensive project bringing about desired change.

You could have the right people with the right capabilities in the right position. You can also appoint the right person in the right position with the right leadership qualities. But, you cannot reach your maximum potential if your organization is misaligned…

And here are some of misalignment symptoms:

  • Changes in strategies
  • We vs. them, low acceptance and buy-in of senior management decisions
  • Unclear link of strategy to operational plans across the business, company divisions can stray further from goals
  • Silos between departments
  • Poor time management (Time wasted-slow productivity-inefficiency)
  • Loss of belongingness, ownership and innovation
  • Stalled or slower growth and decreased profitability

Our goal is to reach successful implementation of visions, strategies and transformational projects:

  • Aligning leaders and middle management and frontline leadership towards organizational vision and strategic objectives
  • Addressing business challenges to promote better understanding among participants that lead to adopt a clear vision contributing to achievement of goals.
  • Building up the workforce toward true ownership and loyalty
  • Influencing the employees towards the organization success, through matching their capacities with organizational needs
  • Identifying and bridging communication gaps between leaders and middle management
  • Increasing leadership awareness of business challenges
  • building partnership within the leadership team & overcoming barriers
  • Innovating ideas and new opportunities