You could have the right people with the right capabilities
in the right position.
You can also appoint the right person in the right position
with the right leadership qualities.

But, you cannot reach your maximum potential if your
organization is misaligned…and everyone of your managers
is pulling in a different direction.


It is a specialized advisory program that creates alignment between leaders, middle management and employees towards organizational vision, strategy, objectives including culture, identity,values, change, innovation and other goals.

The program broadens the perspectives of attendees, creating a whole system transformation, leading to greater synergy and a shared understanding that results in analigned organizational environment.


  • It covers the immense need for alignment sought after by organizations, industries and institutions
  • It is the new HR and organizational development frontier (the science of alignment)
  • It connects employees and leaders with objectives, leading to alignment and thus full potential
  • Preparing for transformational change that disrupts trends and creates new developments
  • In order to be ready, compatible and adaptive.

  • Taking advantage of this new frontier and ceasing opportunities ahead of competitors.


  • Aligning leaders and management to organizational vision and strategic objectives
  • Addressing business challenges to promote better understanding that lead to the achievement of goals
  • Building up the workforce towards true ownership and loyalty
  • Influencing employees towards the organizational success, by matching their capacities with organizational needs
  • Identifying and bridging communication gaps

Alignment Advisory Programs

The Alignment Advisory Program is customized according to organizational requiments and comes in three levels with increasing intensity and depth, resulting in a transformational impact and shared understanding for all attendees:

  • Alignment Program, APP I (Three Days).
  • Alignment Program, APP II (Four Days).
  • Alignment Program, APP III (Five Days).


  • Leaders
  • Middle Managers
  • Front- line leadership
  • High potential employees
  • Professionals


At the end of the program an excecutive summary will be forwarded that include pre and post assessments of issues discussed, business challenges, and improvement ideas.